Who uses Weatherline® Forecast Services?

Just about everyone at one time or another is interested in what is going to happen with the weather outside. That's because it effects everyone young and old alike. So whether you're wondering if your 18 holes of golf will happen before the rain comes, if you'll be able to get home from work before it snows or how hot it will be for Saturday's picnic, the answer is a quick phone call away.

What's in it for our company?

A valuable exclusive. Your chance to stand out from advertising clutter with a program your competitors can't touch. This 24 hour a day community service builds top-of-mind awareness in your city. Every time someone calls, they hear your company name and a brief commercial message. Unlike other advertising, your voluntary audience comes to you, not vice versa.

Where does the weather information come from?

The time and temperature announcement changes automatically, minute by minute, and with every one degree of temperature change. The local forecast is provided by a private meteorologist or media outlet in your community, who becomes your promotional partner in this program.

What about promotion? How do people know the number?

As specialists in the weather-on-demand business, our proven promotion package helps build your call counts using the marketing you're already doing, at little or no additional cost. We'll show you how successful companies like yours in other cities are already using:

  • Camera ready drop-ins
  • In-house publications
  • Website promotion
  • Messages on hold
  • Press releases
  • Statement inserts and more...
And like "mini-billboards", thousands of custom printed phone labels or refrigerator magnets carry your logo, phone number and website - for permanent placement in homes and offices - that will also stimulate inquiries/business by phone.

What about my cost?

You'll be pleasantly surprised. The all-inclusive flat rate based on your service area is designed to be an affordable part of your media mix, even when budgets are tight. Plus, you have a choice of term with several convenient payment options to choose from.

How do I know how many people are using the Service?

We report exact audience figures each month so you can keep track of how many in your community have heard about your business.